tick follows tockSometimes it's just like this. *shrug*
I am my own worst enemy.

What is it Billy Bragg says?
"I have all the self-loathing of a wolf in sheep's clothing."
Yeah. Pretty much sums it up.

-Good weekend?
What the fuck do you reckon?

EDIT: It can't rain all the time...
(It's an MP3... possibly. And it might disappear at any moment.*shrug* Jane Siberry, if you were wondering....)

Making up takes time and work. It isn't over yet, I guess. Work and time, not just wishing things better and hoping.
Talking things over and snot certainly go together it would seem, so if you have shares in Kleenex, rub your hands together for a bumper dividend...
I still feel lower than a snake's socks - and full of self-recrimination: I know my faults -you read this, so you know them too- and I really, really need to work on reducing them (removing might be a bit of a tall order).

Doing it for myself is one thing- I've been putting that off for years - but doing it because I love someone worth changing for (and who knows my faults and loves me still) is a mighty incentive. And I do, I truly do.
-So I must.


creepylesbo said...

Is that related to the post directly under it? Or just having a bad weekend like the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

ack ack ack.

hope its less fucked soon.

or more fucked, in the best possible way.

Anonymous said...

oo-er. I do hope it gets better soon. I was recently 'outed' by my own stupidity.. (forgetting that I work in an I.T. department where people actually know how to USE google).


Anonymous said...

there, there, nothing that can't bee sorted out.....(HUG).

P.S. Mrs Gripes gets a bad press.

yours aye

Mrs Gripes x

Random Reflections said...

What an honour to hear from Mrs Gripes, particularly as we have heard so many nice things about you...

Anonymous said...

Stop listening to

Jane Siberry
The bad voices
The sad voices
The voices that lie voices

I read your stuff, fact and fiction and it makes my life just that little bit better. I am sad you feel like you have to change. Of course I want you to be happy, cause you are a dear friend. I just don’t want you to turn everything in on yourself cause it seams easier that way. If that makes any sense.