Crappy Birthday and other passing matters..

1. It was my birthday 15 days ago. It sucked. Theo was away in England and I was at work.
And I was was 36. 36??! Oh god - how have I got so old? I'm a youthworker for fuck's sake: I must look ridiculous...

Actually, work sucked more than usual - the (ha!) team had a major argument over nothing - spent an hour arguing over the definition of "presentation" amongst other things. No-one could agree about anything. I tried my pacifying schtick, but to no avail, so I just shut up and counted to ten. 47 times. Ah, team spirit, eh?

2. I've been referred to the hospital for an ultrasound (no, I'm not pregnant...) Could be gallstones, could be a stomach ulcer, could be some liver problem (well, it could be, but it's very unlikely) but whatever it is, I've got a pain in my right hand side and I wish it would go away. Grr. I'm even cutting out all dairy produce and substituting milk in my tea with soya milk (eurgh!) in case it helps a bit.

3. On visiting the "old" skanky bastard landlord flat, I discovered a slowly decomposing mouse, skeleton showing through the eroded fur. I left it well alone and left cautiously. I am now curious as to what killed the sleekit wee bastard (but not curious enough to go back for another look).

4. The furry bunster has a new house. It's wooden and bark covered. She has taken to eating her house late at night. Morning arrives and an overexcited bunny looks gleeful at the devastation she has wreaked - house in pieces, bark everywhere. I build it back together and the bunster gives me that look: "UR PWNED human slave..." She's right. I am. Occasionally, she humps Theo's arm, too. Tell me, is that normal for a female bunny?

5. I signed my civil partnership dissolution papers today. Due to Royal Mail's utter incompetence and inability to find where I live (and if you knew where I lived, you'd see the ridiculous irony in this...) I had to go into the Sheriff Court to do it. One quick signature and that's that. In 14 days I'll be ... dissolved.
I'm still angry about how things ended, but not that they ended, if that makes sense. I could have been braver, gentler, less naive -and a damn site less trusting of manipulative arseholes who say one thing but mean something entirely different. But I wasn't. You live, you learn.
And no, I haven't ruled out ever getting a civil partnership again - just not just yet, eh? Save up for a party and a cake first, maybe.. Honeymoon... That sort of thing... ;-)