That's your lot.

I'm done.

(I was trying to think of something witty and elegant to end with, but I can't so... *drifts off into the ether*)


Random Reflections said...

A sad day indeed. Sorry to hear your not going to be continuing with blogging.

All the best.

*walks off to sit in a quiet corner*

30-Something said...

Wimp. ;)

creepylesbo said...

Is this what happens when your wife finds out you have a blog?

straighttalker05 said...

Ach no!

I'm very sorry to see you stopping with the blogging...

Perhaps another anonymous gripesy blog might appear in the near future?

andycragg said...

I found your site, following links as the only bloke to like Ali Smith - only to find you've finished blogging. Tcha.

Anonymous said...

oh no.

no no no no no.

this is not helping with the pmt.

(hope you are ok)

Anonymous said...

You OK?
Well you know where I am if you wanna talk or vent or etc.

...I'll miss you.

What Would Dana Do said...

Darn shame.. darn darn shame..

Zeppellina said...

Hmm..only just found your blog and you`re gone already?!!

What`s up doc.......?!!!!!!!!

Aine said...

Shit, woman! Come back. Right this minute.

Seriously, hope you're okay. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Gripes

I will look forward to other doors this will open.

I thought I would be scared of change but I am actually excited about your new ventures.


mc said...

You can't!
I've got PMT! I can't take bad news!

Unknown said...

Am I late?
Did I miss something?

Ziz said...

Tsch. I just showed up too! Please let me know if you ever start up again or have links to your archives. :(

The Gripes of Wrath said...

Well, er... thank you for your kind words/thoughts/cakes.

As some of you may know, "Gripes" is now little more than a serially unaccountable commenter.

As a select few may also know, I haven't entirely forsworn blogging. I may very well be somewhat closely aligned to Letters From a Norfolk Broad *nudge nudge, wink wink etc, etc...*

Anyhow. That really is my last Gripes-y word.


Shelagh said...

Aww, bum.

Bye then.

[Bit late, I know...]