Coming out (again)

Well, I finally did it.
I came out -

-as a blogger.


Can't honestly say it was a stress free event.
Can honestly say I see Mrs Gripes' point of view. (Yes, I really should have told her a long time ago. I know. I know...)
Can't blame her for being pissed off with me. Very.*

So, Mrs Gripes now knows I blog and has read much of it - while I have been sat next to her, turning a subtle shade of puce and literally biting my lip.

(Is it OK if I'm a little at a loss for words right now?

I think I would like a drink now, please.

* Very. Although we are definitely making up. Oh yes. Yes, indeedy do...


Random Reflections said...

I had wondered the protocol about mentioning the whole blog thing to significant others. I'll take that as a tip for the future.

If it's any comfort, from an objective perspective, what you write shows that you know you've got a good one in Mrs Gripes.

Funnily enough I was talking to someone about the whole blogging thing tonight myself but fortunately didn't have to provide any details.

Oh and I see that a black cloud has, literally, descended upon your blog. I hope it soon lifts.

mc said...

That must have been fun.
But what Random said: at least Mrs Gripes will have read some good things about the two of you, and it's bound to be of some comfort. Or something.

straighttalker05 said...

*waves at Mrs Gripes*

I'm still in the blog closet as well as the other one. But then, I don't think my parents fully understand what a blog/lesbian really is.

Congrats on coming out and all that. You can now go set up another anonymous blog she'll never know about... or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

just try to not think about the fact that she may read it when you write.

which is hard.

both ex and current know about my blog, and both read it occasionally.

have no idea where i'm going with this comment though, so will stop now.

What Would Dana Do said...

I think everyone should have something in their life that's just for them and is outside the rest of their life.

Which doesn't mean I didn't go bonkers when 30something told me about her blog and accused her of all sorts of lying type offences.

*shrug* I am a woman, I am complex, Its part of my appeal.

30-Something said...

Yeah, what she said *points upwards*. I felt better for having it off my chest. But the rest sucked for a while. And it DOES take away some freedom in what you write, even if you never had any intentions of slagging off your other half. Can't be helped.

But congrats on telling her. Honesty is the best policy, as my Mum never said.

So will we be seeing a Mrs Gripes of Wrath blog? Or is it just my mrs who jumps on the blogging bandwagon?

Anonymous said...

its not just your missus 30something.

the crush also has a blog, which i dip into occasionall, but try to resist the temptation in general