Advice for gloomy days

Woo! Yay! Fly it today!If you're feeling mildly shite,
get yourself a pocket kite.

(good slogan, eh?)

I got a teensy weensy pocket kite from my sister at Christmas. (She knows I've had no bloody luck getting a "proper" kite to fly. Ever. In my entire life.
- There are pictures littering several photo albums of me scowling at tangled kites, kites crashed to the ground, kites that have beheaded passers by etc, etc...
She reckoned the pocket kite would be "fool proof."

It is! I am that fool and it even flies for me! Even in the faintest breath of wind, it eats sky!

(-and that "I can fly a kite, I can! Look! Look!" feeling- that garners the admiration of dogs, small children and old people, is unbeatable. *sigh*)

I realise that this isn't universal advice - and should you live near to overhead powerlines, I really don't think it's for you - but I feel better for it.


Anonymous said...

and the beach would be ideal for kite flying.

though i suspect that i may be as skillful as you in the kite flying stakes

Anonymous said...

I too am rubish at Kite flying.

I want one of those little ones.

Anonymous said...

We have a few kites. From the easy peasy one that flies when you blow on it, through to the stunt kite that seems to want to attack other people on the beach.

It's a great way to blow out the cobwebs.

30-Something said...

I LOVE kites. And I can fly a stunt kite. For the first time in my life I feel all superior..

What Would Dana Do said...

Indeedy darling you can fly a stunt kite.


But can I just remind you of the times when you would take me 'kiting' which sounded exciting only to find my primary role would be to run up and down the beach picking up your kite, launching it, then picking it up again when it fell to earth etc. etc. etc.

The day you learned to launch it yourself from many metres away using only the power of a well timed wrsit-flick was a joyous one for us both. Although in retrospect I am convinced it had something to do with wanting to impress the blonde dykey kitesurfers only a few metres away from us.

Gripes, your pocket kite sounds just dandy and I suspect would hurt much less than 30somethings big impressive stunt kite when I am too busy texting to pay attention to it hurtling out of the sky towards me.