Better...Now keep it up.

Is that the sun? I'd forgotten what it looked like...Mrs Gripes has flu now. Poor, poorly poppet is suffering hellishly (and I am a crap nurse: although I could probably administer a fair bedbath, given half the chance....) and I feel very guilty about having to leave her and go to work. Surely employers should allow people to take "ministering to the sick" days?

But, to focus on the positive, the sun actually is shining. Not just peeking out from behind the clouds and wondering if it should make an appearance, but beaming like a three year old who has just discoved the word "bum"...

And for which I am truly thankful.


Anonymous said...

Me too. The flu that is.
Bum. Bum bum bum bum bum.
There. Now I feel better.

Anonymous said...

i also have some kind of coldy/fluey thing.

and you *can* take time off to look after the sick - parents do it all the time - its compassionate leave