Shameless Plug....

Colours are Brighter - Buy Now

Not something I do much, promote stuff, however the album "Colours Are Brighter" - created by some tip-top bands to raise funds for Save the Children is something I feel should be brought to a wider audience. Not only is it a great cause, but I defy anyone to listen to Belle & Sebastian's "The Monkeys are Breaking Out the Zoo" without at least smiling... (I jumped around like an idiot and added my own monkey noises... but that's me for you) and Franz Ferdinand do some impressive mental arithmetic, too.

All funds raised go towards the Rewrite the Future campaign: with 43 million children out of education in war-zones across the world, it's a vital campaign that can give children a real chance to change their lives and the world.

-Far better than just adopting one child and dancing like a patronising twat, eh Madonna?

(-having said that, at least she is giving some small change to support orphans in Malawi, albeit so she can indoctrinate them in the ways of Kabbalah- but seriously? Another celeb "buys" a fashionably "ethnic" child- and not even an orphan, but one who has a family who simply can't afford to keep him... I can't be the only person who just thinks, "what the fuck?" can I? I mean, seriously?....)