"Thank me no thankings...

...nor proud me no prouds, " as Capulet puts it in Romeo & Juliet (- while planning his daughter's nuptials to Paris, as memory serves: I may be wrong...)

I can't agree, myself. Both thanks and pride are useful, as far as I am concerned.
So, my thanks go to the organisers of Pride Scotia - not a bad turn-out, not a bad march and stunningly lovely weather (not that they were responsible for that, you understand, but it is so rare in Edinburgh it needs noting!) I am currently wearing my sunburn like a much prized souvenir and thoroughly enjoyed my colleagues' bemusement and embarrassment when I told them from where I had acquired it.

And as for the proud bit. Well, C'lam made some very valid points in her blog - Pride is still an important even for many of us, even if there is a temptation to be blasé and take our hard won rights for granted. So, if there are any other folks wondering whether or not to show-up for any other Pride events in what remains of Pride Fortnight, I would strongly encourage them to wear comfortable shoes (or invest in decent blister plasters) grab a bottle of water and stride, wheel or sashay down the streets with, well, pride.


C'lam said...

well said gripes! hope the burn is soothed for now... i fear my skin may be leathery before i'm 31 though.