Saint Claire 37 Wanks Across Northern SpainI've always liked ceramics. I think primary school has a lot to do with it: I loved play-doh, plasticine, that hairy, pallid non-clay stuff, - and then real clay that could be fired in a kiln, glazed and everything. It was sensual creativity, moulding and forming shapes in three dimensions. It almost didn't matter the shape as long as it felt good, or felt bad (if that's what was wanted...) I might have to get some modelling clay again, fimo, anything - I feel the need to get my hands working again, feel clay under my nails, make some shapes...

Yesterday I saw some Grayson Perry vases at Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art. Of all the exhibits, they are the ones that have stuck in my head(although the glass trampoline must get an honourable mention...)

It seems cruel (albeit understandable) that people aren't allowed to feel the shape of the vase and the texture of the glaze - they are very "traditional" shaped pots, essentially, but the decoration transforms them to something far beyond their simple form.

I don't think I "understand" them. I do know that they made me feel and think. Some were beautiful, elegant, light almost - others ugly, brooding and anguished - but all were provocative in some way, challenging the person viewing them to either create a narrative from the depictions or to hunt allusions, find associations, look for conflicts and dissonance in the image, form and colours.

I probably didn't spend enough time looking at them, but they are shouting for attention in my head - I may have to return.

Somewhat more mundanely (albeit quite exciting/anxiety making for me) I have a couple of interviews today. *gulp* Better get myself looking and sounding responsible and respectable - exercise the other dimensions of my character...

Hard, I know, but I must try!