... as in Bull-Poo(not Piper...)!

I am full of it. I'm starting to lose track of the job application forms I have been filling in. My description of my skills are starting to merge into one great big "I am brilliant at absolutely everything - just employ me you bastards" sort of statement.

While I write it, I totally believe it, too.... why couldn't I be a world class recruitment consultant with OTE of £50k and all the lobster I could eat? (apart from not having a clue and not really wanting to, of course...) Or project manage 7 trained chimps in searching for Atlantis from a panopticon in the middle of the Aegean? (apart from it not existing... and maybe even if it did, chimps wank too much to get any work done! Honestly, they do!)


I know that given the right opportunity, I could make a real difference. I'm not stupid, I'm not crass and insensitive (not all the time, anyway...) I'm not a sheep - I can think for myself, thank you very much. OK, so I can be a bit of a waverer, but when it comes to decisions affecting others, I can be sharp as broken glass. There's a world of possibility and opportunity - just let me get on with grabbing it with both hands, please - so I can cut out all the application form bullshit and actually get on and do something.

(-today's blogpost has been brought to you by the letter "B" and the word "feisty").