Just one word


(Thank you for your kind indulgence).

Ok, so I'll elaborate a little: buying a flat; moving from rented place; having the bastard landlord from hell; family bereavement; clients who don't show up; clients who do show up; managers who frankly, dont; an irritating colleague who makes a face like a cat's bum anytime anyone swears or blasphemes (and has an irritating croaky/squeaky voice. And is German. And a social work student); waking up every morning at 5 because that's when the seagulls get up; bloody tourists getting in the way and asking stoooooooopid questions; getting the bacon burps from a pack of Wheat Crunchies...

Anyhow. just thought I'd vent a little.

Otherwise, everything is fine and dandy - the sun is shining, I have less than a fortnight until my hols, Theo is laaaaarvely, the bunny isn't bity, I have some very comfy socks...