Not Quite Dead

Well, I'm not.

Fact is, between battling the landlord and other property matters - as well as working like an enslaved alsatian being beaten with a very gnarly stick with client work, report writing, case noting, schlepping across town and juggling other people's money hassles (not just my own, pah...) marketing and general voluntary sector schmoozing - I've not really had time to blog. I'm sacrificing a fag break now, just to let my reader(s) know I'm not dead. *cough hack wheeze*

Anyhow, life toddles along. Theo and I are sound as a pound, ta. The bunny is now much bigger and I am counting the days until I can get a break from work. (PLEEEEEEASE!!!!)

Better get on with massaging my stats and writing this bloody report.

More, soonish. Well, maybe..