Bleurgh. More information than you need, but I am having another one of those "periods from hell." This time, more than simply cramp, I have awful backache and total body lassitude (-mind you, that could also be due to still digesting the mahoosive "celebratory" meal from Vittoria's Theo and I had last night- Panzerotti dello Chef: fab, Lasagne alla Mamma: delish, Cheesecake rating: 6.5/10: nicely vanillaed, but soggy bottom...totally camp cream, ice-cream, ickle teeny weenyScottish and Italian flags and green glass plates though! There is nothing like indulging my foodie nature to make me feel better... and going out to dinner is definitely an indulgence...)

Back to the menstrual moaning, the timing could have been worse I suppose: nothing like starting a new job with a scowl, scarfing down painkillers as though they were Skittles and strapping a hot water bottle to your back... Very inspiring, very energetic. Hmmmph.

Anyhow, speaking of which, I also went to the college yesterday to meet my new colleagues, pick up teaching materials and schedules, and to get my bearings around the building. At present, the place is something of a building site, with corridors leading to closed-off bits of building, portakabins as classrooms and stairways to nowhere: seeing as I've had a chaotic summer (now thankfully somewhat more level and fun, but I digress...) I may very well fit right in...