Oh well. Just as I'm settling in to my new job, I get the elbow.

Not because I've done anything wrong, I might add - merely because the person I was covering for (who the department seemed to think would be away for "quite some time to come") has decided to return to work. As much as I am glad that someone who has been somewhat ill is now returning to health, I am more than a bit disappointed that I haven't been given the opportunity to show what I can do -and the money would have been nice, too... I was starting to get to know my students, even like them - it's never a waste of time to meet new people, and meeting new students is always a good thing - and was making decent alliances with new colleagues. *sigh* Anyhow, it's back to the employment hunting drawing board for me. Bugger.

I was going to write about how if you are over a size 20 it is nearly impossible to get a non-girly-girly warm winter coat, the ridiculousness of bra sizes and the irritation of shopping for necessary items near Christmas - but I'm too bummed-out today to really focus on it. It'll pass, but it's a dark rainy cloud and I feel like curling up on the sofa, hugging myself and drinking tea...

Otherwise, life continues to be filled with pleasant surprises; Theo and I continue to get to know each other better (yesterday's baking effort: a chocolate cake...) and are making plans to visit one of her friends in December; Scotmid has a 2 for a fiver special offer on washing liquid; my piercing is healing pleasingly painlessly... even my shower is behaving itself. Present inconveniences aside, life is good - and I need to keep remembering that.


Mo said...

Hi there.
I was browsing British Blogs and having a mental age of 7 your shit fountain caught my eye. Sorry to hear about how things panned out in your job but killing myself laughing at how things panned out in that fountain.

30-Something said...

Good job I wasn't eating a Curly Wurly while perusing your blog, Missy. Actually, I fucking hate Curly Wurlys. They're such hard work.

infinitemuppets said...

I like you, I do.

Didn't know about you till tonight. Had a nose around. Nice work.

Inspired me to a not-that-original 'Gripes of Roth' pun...which I should keep to myself.

Used to live in Edinburgh, n'all.

Anyway, nice work. Carry on. x