Making a spectacle of myself

Today I shall be collecting my new glasses (if they are ready, of course....). I dilly dallied with contact lenses for a bit but something of the optical luddite in me actually prefers specs. One of the things I like about them is that when you take them off the world goes fuzzy and soft and you don't have to touch your eye to do it. Another is that they are "acceptable" jewellery in many respects: even the most non-adorned dyke can get away with face furniture on the grounds that it is necessary (having said that, I'm just about to paint my nails and am pondering which necklace to wear with my shirt... so perhaps I am less unadorned than I think I am...)

Choosing specs has always been a bone of contention and, funnily enough, I'd never chosen a pair entirely on my own before - I had always gone with parent, friend or partner. My first choices have always been dismissed as horrific/unsuitable, so I am curious as to how folk will react to my new bins... Have I made another horrific choice or were my instincts as to what would suit me been spot on, and I merely too easily swayed? Time will tell... At least I will be able to see myself clearly in the mirror to judge for myself!

+*update*+ Of course the bloody things weren't ready. Be too much to ask that they would be ready on the day and time they specified, eh? They did ask if I could wait for two hours so they could prepare them: I wondered what they'd been doing with them all day... trying them on maybe? Oh well... The "did I make a good choice or not" conundrum will have to wait for another day: tomorrow to be more accurate. Bah... and hurrah! New specs tomorrow! Something to look forward to!


30-Something said...

dilly dallied looks like such a ridiculous phrase when written down.. of course, it's completely not ridiculous at all when spoken..