Happy New Yea... Oh.

Ok, so I've let both Christmas and Hogmanay wash past me, blogwise - but both were pleasant, ta (and thanks to Theo, I really did get the best view of the Edinburgh fireworks, as you can tell by my blurry effort here...)

So, January is already half-arsed through, I'm back at work with a vengeance already and looking hungrily at the holidays to come and, if I'm entirely honest, I can't really be bothered with blogging much. I'm not sure how much I want to write about work - which seems to take up much of my time and effort - let alone home (which is, of course my cosy refuge against the storms of work) and in either case, I'm really pretty damn sure that neither are very interesting to anyone! (Well, anyone except me and my nearest and dearest, of course.)

So, for a wee while anyway, don't be at all surprised if I don't blog for a bit. I'm fine - just busy!* Speaking of which, lunch break over - better get back to work figuring out how to make a toolkit for baseline data collection and how to fight the Child Tax Credits system!

*of course, if you really want to know how I am, how the bunny is doing, how Theo's getting on etc, drop me a line. I'm not entirely incommunicado, you know- just, well, busy...