I take that back....

OK, so actually I got the job.



I got a call yesterday afternoon apologising for taking time to get in touch (something about equal opps... illness....cancelled interview...something else...) and offering me a post working part strategic/ developmental and part frontline work with young people experiencing homelessness. It's going to be hard yakka, but something I can sink my (admittedly fragile) teeth into. Much chuffedness on my behalf. I may have cried. (actually, I did...)

Oh! And I got a refund of £139 from the bloody council tax. I even heard from Housing/Council tax benefits people...OK, so by having an actual JOB I won't actually need it in the future (hurrah!) but I'm still sort of relying upon it to fill the yawning belly of my overdraft in the very real present. This, as the Cheeky Girls so rightly say, is life (and no, you cannot touch my bum...)

Of course, life being what it is, there are still some lumps in the custard. Teeth. Unbearable fatness of being. Happy pills. Facial hair. Greying eyebrow. Anger. Grief.

-But, BUT, BUT! There is also a whack of optimism - Theo, a new career, a flat I can stay in, a world to travel, a goldfish to buy - NOT HAVING TO WATCH JEREMY KYLE EVER AGAIN! Oh yes.. I'm not going to count any chickens, I'm not even going to imagine a rosy, dreamy future - but things seem to be moving and not sliding at long last.

[Oh yes, and it is "cake toasts" time again. I favoured a muesli scone hand-baked by Theo this year.

Incidentally, the picture above makes my teeth itch, but Beryl Cook pictures graced my Mum's living room walls for far more years than I dare estimate... So,
cheers Mum...]


Anonymous said...

We only have custard creams at work today but I will eat one in memory of your Mum. Great news about your job. About bloody time.

Kasey said...

Hey Gripes... sorry I haven't popped over in a while. Congrats on the job. You deserve it.

Random Reflections said...

Well done on the job - there is a collective sigh of relief across the blogging world.

I ate some swiss roll today.

missfee said...

oh a very big well done... and am glad, for the sake of your sanity, that you are now free of the nut that is jeremey kyle. Found myself caught up in him the other day, couldn't go to work until i got the results of the lie detecter test. Tragic.

30-Something said...

Congrats. And I KNOW you're going to be recording Jeremy Kyle for a while yet. It's like stopping smoking, small steps.. baby steps..

mc said...

Oh, great. So you finally 'interviewed well' with some result!